Summer is Here; Where to go with Super One Tour 2022

Summer is here; Where to go with Super One Tour 2022

Summer is all about exploring, adventure and fun. It is the perfect time to travel, whether you want to go camping, explore a new city, or even spend some time on your own. There are plenty of ways to enjoy summer fun and adventure as well as take some time for yourself. 

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start planning your dream vacation. Around this time of year, everyone starts to feel the excitement of a new adventure.

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Favorite picks for where to travel in the summer.

Summer is the best time to travel. There’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing life in a different way. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 5 places to (legally) visit in summer, where you can let off some steam, do some exercise, and live a more adventurous life.


Discover the ancient history of Asian civilization and be amazed by their cutting-edge technologies. Asia has it all and is a world of its own. Every nation has a unique language, cuisine, scenery and customs. Goway’s Asia tours give you an opportunity to see the unimaginable, see what you never thought possible and feel things that cannot be seen anywhere else.

When you visit Asia, you’ll have a chance to experience a whole new world. The ancient history of Asian culture gives way to the most modern, cutting-edge technologies. The landscape is varied and the people are friendly. There are so many things to see and do in Asia that it would take multiple trips to enjoy them all.


North America is the world’s second largest and most biodiverse continent. This space offers the chance to discover a country steeped in history and culture but with a modern edge, as well as being renowned for its breathtaking scenery. Home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, traveling across North America is a must-do for anyone who wants to experience true adventure.

A continent that contains thousands of miles of coastline, hundreds of bustling cities and towns, countless picturesque villages and wide open spaces. No matter where you plan to visit in the US, there’s something for everyone! You’ll find everything from pristine beaches and riverside hotels to outdoor adventures, amusement parks and cultural sites.


Super One Tour is your all-inclusive, one-stop shop for your European vacation. Book all-inclusive travel to the Mediterranean or France with all meals, accommodations, transfers and most tourist activities included in the price. Customize your own personalized trip package with a wide range of airlines and hotels; choose from cruises in Europe or sailings along the coast of Italy and France. Whichever way you like to go on vacation, SuperOneTours has something for everyone.

Europe is more than just a continent. It’s a world of sights, sounds and experiences that evoke wonderment and create memories that last a lifetime. While it may be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different countries and cities that make up this incredible place, we want to help you find the best of what Europe has to offer.


Experience all that Africa has to offer with the Super One Tour. Our expert guides will show you everything from rainfall in the Serengeti to the sand dunes of Namibia and everything in between, with plenty of time for you to enjoy at your own pace. With SuperOne Tour your trip is guaranteed to be one you will never forget!

It’s no wonder, with its vast variety of landscapes and environments, from mountains, jungles and deserts to plains, savannas and forests. And then there’s the animals: lions, elephants and camels; monkeys, giraffes and zebras. There are so many places to see there! You may have already enjoyed your fair share in its bustling cities or beaches.

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Why do travellers enjoy trip packages?

We cannot deny that there are endless destinations that anyone can visit in summer. The answer will always depend on your preference. If you are attracted with old stone buildings and extraordinary architecture, the best place for you in summer time is Rome, Italy. If you are the outdoor- hiking type of person there is also an option to visit Whistler, Canada. There is also an option for the sea lovers right there. The islands of Maldives are one of the best choices during summertime.

What are the best places to Visit in Summer Time?

There are a lot of trends that are happening every year, but if you plan on traveling during summertime, here are some ideas and options for you! The trend for the year 2022 during summer time is to wear less and basic clothing. These 10 items will definitely improve your style and keep you on trend this summer time. First you need Denim Shorts, Pretty Sundresses, White Button-Up, Stylish Sandals, for accessories you will also need Straw Hats and sunglasses; White Jeans will never be out of style, skirts, white shoes and of course a hand or tote bag. That is all you need to be fashionably ready for this summer!



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